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Welcome to Eternity 113 by RDII // The Return

Hello everyone!

If you've been wondering where I've been, let me tell you; It's been one helluva month.

I ran a Kickstarter campaign. It didn't get funded, but no worries! I have solutions and a brighter outlook on my career.

Anyway, here's the news!

Tales of Your Destruction #1, Rogue Comix's Debut Digital First series, will be available at ComiXology on 19.05.2021. This little comic is a collaboration between Jeff Hutchison and me exploring the end-of-the-world tropes. This time around features breakups, cyborgs, and alien visitors! Also releasing the same day on ComiXology is Adam & Eternity: Volume One! Finally. Here are the links.

Adam & Eternity: Volume One //

Tales of Your Destruction #1 //

But that's not all! Do you know what's better than two releases? Three, maybe even four?

A Hell of Our Own still lives! Just in another vision. We've decided to release the first Chapter of our 132-Page Original Graphic Novel on Amazon's KDP! This allows us to print globally and on-demand, thus expanding our readership. It's a great opportunity for young creators trying to get their voice out there.

Anyway, both a digital and physical copy will also release on May 19th! Check my Twitter out for the fastest and most recent updates. AHoO will most likely be included in the latter. But, if you'd like to pre-order the Kindle Edition now, here's the link:

In more other releases, Vanessa Fantinati and I's upcoming one-shot, Siblings, has almost wrapped its page count, and we're aiming for a mid-to-late June release. Here's a preview again to satiate your funny book thirst.

Another project, JJ Dzialowski & I's secret vision, is coming to life beautifully in other graphic novels to be announced, and I can't wait to reveal it soon enough. Here's a teaser!

In recent interviews, I enjoyed a second conversation with Ryan (Nuexguy)! It was mostly about A Hell of Our Own, but we got into some fun comic and pop culture conversation as well.

Legends of the Dork Knight #1 are also available now to view in other video-related prospects! Wes Greer & Peter Smart interviewed me about my future endeavors, my creative work thus far, and some of my favorite aspects with beloved projects. Listen today!

As always, to a young creator like me, it's essential to get the word out. Whether it's a rating or a review, it truly helps my work get the press it needs. If you're willing to aid my aspirations, go ahead and drop some ratings on my ComiXology, Amazon, & books! Here are some links:

Whew! And that wraps it. I've still got some books to get through as I've been busy, so we'll do a book club next time! Have a great week, everyone. Drink some coffee. Smile a bit more. & definitely read a book.



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