Everything Ends, it's a matter of making the end mean something. It's a matter of fulfillment of purpose. The Goal to Strive and Be Better than before. Never let the light die inside.

Robert Deshaies II is a writer, poet, and lover of all literature. He has an obsession with early twentieth-century writers who have thus influenced his life to pursue the written works presented before you. Damn, Fitzgerald, and Hemingway. He is a bookie, a lover of superheroes, the entire comic median. (Batman especially. Why? He’s incredible.) Robert is also an avid coffee drinker, some say in excess amounts.


A Conversationalist, A Realist, and all too Philosophical when spoken to.


He is currently developing upcoming projects focusing on a continuous collection of short stories, a series of graphic novels, comic collections, novella, and of course, more poetry to sate his hopeless romantic soul. Also, as an entrepreneur, he's started his own publishing imprint, Rogue Comix . to welcome new and unheard creators into our unique world of artists and creatives.

RJDeshaies II

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