"Whether I'm remembered or not, I know I'm here for one reason. I'm here to tell stories that matter."

Robert Deshaies II is a writer, poet, and lover of all literature. His works include Adam & Eternity, Blackjack - 22: Modern Poetry, Anthology, & The Streets Ran Red.


Robert's obsession with early twentieth-century writers who have thus influenced his life to pursue the written works presented before you may be one for the generations. Damn you, Fitzgerald, and Hemingway.


Robert's a bookie (No, I don't sell drugs), a lover of fantastical tales, unique and aspiring voices, and the entire comic median. (Batman especially. Why? He’s incredible.) Robert is also an avid coffee drinker, some say in excess amounts. Although he's made a move towards tea. He hopes it helps.


A Conversationalist, A Realist, and all too Philosophical when spoken to.


Robert is currently developing upcoming projects focusing on a continuous collection of short stories under his "Anthology" TM, a series of graphic novels, comic collections, novella, and of course, more poetry to sate his hopeless romantic soul. Also, as an entrepreneur, he's started his own publishing imprint, Rogue Comix (roguecomix.com). His publication was designed to welcome new and unheard creators into our unique world of artists and creatives.

RDeshaies II

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