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Welcome to Rogue Comix! 

Started by Robert Deshaies II & Nickolas Navarro in hopes to create and promote upcoming, new, and ground-breaking creative talent through small publication printings of comic series, and graphic illustrations, Rogue Comix is seeking to break boundaries. 


We believe in ideas that truly defy limits. From epic fantasy to gritty crime drama, or terrifying takes on horror,  going Rogue helps setup upcoming artists/creators to get their voice out in the world. 

We believe in comics. We believe in the way it changes the world around us. We believe in the people pouring their heart and soul into their work. We are those people. So, please join us in our growth journey into the industry we all love.

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Our submissions are opening soon, and if you're interested in sharing your ideas in hopes of becoming published, contact our editors:

Robert Deshaies II

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