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A Hell of Our Own

A Hell of Our Own Chapter One Book Cover

A samurai, Ren Aotishi, returns from war, only for his war crimes to come full circle. Forbidden to intervene when vengeful spirits sack his home, murder his wife, and abduct his child, Ren is forced to enter the underworld, Yomi, to reclaim his daughter, Aiko. Without the guidance of his patron gods, this samurai turned spirit ronin walks alone through the valleys of the undead to reclaim the daughter he loves. Little does he know, the gates of the underworld hold treachery far beyond his comprehension. Can Ren withstand the fight for his soul, or will his honor forsake him as he’s dragged further into hell?


Welcome to A Hell Of Our Own, a 132-Page Original Graphic Novel from the creative team of Robert Deshaies II & Dominic Pinto (Adam & Eternity). This is an epic samurai tale intertwined with the poetry of Dante's Inferno.

Adam & Eternity

Adam and Eternity Trade Paperback Cover

An impossible creation, Adam, is thrust into a world past the brink. Our world has collapsed, and with it, humanity. Born without any knowledge of who he is or how he came to be, Adam journeys onto an unknown path with mythology and mystery at every turn. Through Titans, Devils, Gods, and Ideas, he discovers more about himself and the world. But truthfully, he's here to decide what happens next.

Welcome to Eternity.

"[Adam's] story is truly something special and I think it's something everyone in comics needs to check out." - Wes Greer, Comics the Gathering



Mr. Jacket awaits in 11 Short Stories. Prepare for his arrival, for he will reveal what lies beneath. 

Blackjack - 22: Modern Poetry

Blackjack-22: Modern Poetry Book Cover

This is me.
This is what I have learned.
This is the story behind that journey.

"An emotional, visceral exploration of desire." - Kirkus Reviews -

The Living Death
Windows into Existence

The Living Death: Windows into Existence Book Cover

From the mind of a poet, may existence carry you farther than the promise we all face:

death, and her kiss.

Is it a door, or a window?

“Deshaies II offers his audience a dramatic conception of human existence that recalls the best themes of Existentialist literature and philosophy” – From the Afterword by Dr. Bryan Santin

My Nature Ate Me Inside Out

My Nature Ate Me Inside Out Front Cover

The Summer 23'

Poetry Collection 

is available on SUBSTACK


Rogue Comix Presents:
Volume One

Rogue Comix Presents: Volume One Book Cover

Volume One of Rogue Comix Presents is the culmination of our talent showcases since our company's debut in 2020. Over two years, Rogue Comix has sought to uplift and showcase various upcoming and aspiring talents through multiple stories and emotions.

This collection, featured in a premium hardcover format, includes Attom & Eternum, Siblings, Breathe, In Search of a Summit, To Maggie, The Cave Below Seaside Manor, In Shadow He Rides, 8.26, & the never-before-seen NeverRoad and Make Room.

A Rogue Comix Presentation

Siblings Book Cover

Over the years, Siblings, Joseph and Melanie have caught up. It's what siblings do. They're raised together then go their separate ways. These are the times they've come together.

Siblings, A Rogue Comix Presentation, is Robert Deshaies II & Vanessa Fantinati's

22-Page heartwarming One-Shot featuring a bonus story, "Breathe," originally featured in

Rogue Comix Presents: Three//Shorts.

The Streets Ran Red

The Streets Ran Red Book Cover

A lone detective returns to a home left long ago. Burdened by a haunted soul from a life of murder and madness, Clark Brass is reined home by the death of his old employer, Donald Kilkenny. Returning to the British Isles, the family Brass served for years offers him the job to solve the murder of his dear friend, in hopes of discovering his real tragic end. During his investigation, the red-filled streets across England consume Brass’s mind, only for him to uncover the murder has inconceivably sinister revelations and consequences.

Will Fyfer:
The Graceless Ferret

Will Fyfer: The Graceless Ferret Volume One Book Cover

During a bout of madness from the loss of a loved one, Will Fyfer, undergoes a transformation! Called by his pet ferret, Fred, to make a difference in the crime-ridden streets of Hydro City, Will Fyfer must decide to become a hero or wallow in self-pity. Gifted with incredible ferret powers, Will's adventures bring him on a journey filled with madness, comedy, and heroics as a spectacular cast of weird and wonderful characters unfolds with every page turn.

Will Fyfer, the Graceless Ferret Volume One collects Issues #1-3 of the hit series, plus a 16-page bonus story and a creator discussion on the book-making process. From the minds of Robert Deshaies II & Isaac Child, let your ferret flag fly free.

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