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Welcome to Eternity 118 by RDII // Look at this mess we've made.

Hello! Guten Tag! Bonjour!

PASSAGES is coming along wonderfully. I'm taking a bit of a break from editing as I wrote a 25-page research paper on the evolution of American Science Fiction this past week. What a great philosophical/literary dive into the era-defining works of many great writers. We're looking to publish this article in an academic journal, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, here's your weekly dose of poetry from yours truly.

What to think of this mess we've made?

Distraught by the very fiction of choice!

Abandoned in total by some whim, some shallow thought,

Some trist.

Oh, how wry, how crude her expression has become!

This was a story, one of disillusionment

And unforeseen thoughts.

A swelling of maelstrom,

A descent into harrowing plot.

What to think of this mess we've made?

It's thicker, the woods, the forest you see.

Blinded by thorns, by branches too long, to hollow meek.

Oh, how empty, how perilous the gaunt hand.

Closes upon a dead rose's kiss.

How this tale, second to annihilation,

To omni-anxious shootings convalescent.

Rutted is the tempest,

O, What to think of this mess we seed.

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