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Welcome to Eternity 114 by RDII // Catching-Up

Hello all and welcome back,

It's been too long, but damn, does it feel good to be back. I've been busy, swamped, & bamboozled with my time, yet I have some great news coming up. Let's get to it.

The News:

I'm still making comics, and what an incredible year it's been for the independent rise of comics. Rogue Comix is here to stay, and we've only just begun. To reaffirm our space in the indie realm, Rogue Comix is releasing our newest talent showcase, Infinity, which serves as a jumping-on point for new readers and fans to get a glimpse of what my teams and I have been cooking.

Infinity is set to release #NCBD on August 4th, 2021, and here's the lovely cover to peek at what's inside.

This talent showcase will feature 4 comic shorts, including the first "multiversal" story, Attom & Eternum, an inspiring climb, In Search of a Summit, a haunting western tale, In Shadow He Rides, & a preview of a story that's been cooking for well over a year, To Maggie.


Like I said previously, I've been busy. And that doesn't mean just writing. I've been expanding Rogue Comix's talent base, and I'm incredibly excited to share our growing slate for the rest of 2021 with you. There will be more on that in the next newsletter but expect TWO debut mini-series featuring the respective talents of Isaac Child (@PixarNerdStudio) & Charles Pinegar (@ChuckWordie).

Also, as I'm sure you're also wondering, the second chapter of A HELL OF OUR OWN will be paired along with these releases too!

If you missed out on our BIG news a couple of months ago, Adam & Eternity's premier volume is available now in a premium format trade paperback here. Our first large-scale release has been nothing short of astonishing, but Rogue's mission to reach new readers has been clinging to the back of my mind since its debut in April. So, to promote entry-readers towards independent comics, we're releasing a "NOIR" edition of Adam & Eternity, which reprints our entire 150-page story in an affordable $9.99 Black-And-White Edition. Our release date is looking to be tied with Infinity's, so expect that August 4th.

That's all I have for today, folks. I'll be trying to get our bi-weekly schedule up and running soon enough, but August is looking quite busy on all fronts. I'll be tabling at a film/writing expo in Vegas as a featured author, and there will be more news to report next time around. Until then, I'll do my best to stay in touch. In the meantime, please continue to support my amazing colleagues and my work on any platform you can. In today's world, it's all about sharing, and I can't do it without you.

Here are some links & a quick photo library to check out our ever-expanding library of creative content.

Robert Deshaies II Amazon Author Page //

Have a great week, everyone. Drink coffee, be happy, and I'll talk with you all soon. Take care!

- RDII -

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