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Welcome to Eternity 112 by RDII // The Sweet Song of Confidence!

Well, hello, and welcome back to everyone reading this lovely little newsletter titled "Welcome to Eternity 112 by RDII." If you couldn't tell by the numbering, or if this is your first time, this is the 12th installment of Robert Deshaies II's pesky, and oft-times simply self-promotion, bi-weekly update. Okay, enough spaffery, let's get to it!

The News:

For those of you who've invaded my social media sphere or have kept track of this here newsletter, you'll know April 15th was a huge day for my fellow artists and me. This week we launched A HELL OF OUR OWN on #Kickstarter! And guess what, no thanks to you, we're off to a fantastic start! We're about 10% there already, which is a massive plus in my book. As a relatively small creator, this has blown away my expectations. I remember talking with Dom, dabbling, and bantering, whether we should bring A Hell of Our Own to KS or invest in other alternatives?

Well, we did pitch. We pitched to quite a few companies. We heard back from most of them. Here's a brief description of what they said. "Your story is great. We just can't fit it into our busy calendar at the moment." Huh. Oh well, we weren't going to let that stop us. No! Instead, we turned to you! The spectacular and magnificent nerds and supporters who've stood by my side from the beginning.

Kickstarters are great, and the promotion is 80% of the game. I could talk about the project for days upon days, but you get the point now. It's up to you, and me, and Dom, to deliver the best crowd-funding experience possible. We'll be teasing, talking on podcasts, visiting the interwebs, and blessing your timeline for the next month with plenty of content. So, please, hang in there. You mean the world to us, and this project is truly something special. I guarantee you won't regret owning this original graphic novel when you add it to your shelf.

If you'd like to support us or share the word with friends, here's the link to invest in this mythological samurai tale //

Oh, and if words can't grab ahold of your interest, here's some art:

On April 15th, Dom, Jake, and I launched our premier volume of Rogue Comix's smash indie-hit, ADAM & ETERNITY! For those of you who've read the single issues, issued reviews, bought digitally, or shared with friends and family, thank you! This is the moment we've been waiting for for over a year now. With some excellent craftmanship and design work from the resident colorist, Jake Gustafson, we've wrapped our wonderful, little, coming-of-age story in a most beauteous package. The price for this wonderful assortment of colors, inks, and words?

  • $5.99 for Digital Download on Kindle & ComiXology

  • $0.00 for Kindle Unlimited

  • $19.99 for A PHYSICAL 7x10 Trade Paperback (Out THIS WEEK on Amazon)

In previous newsletters, I announced our magnificent trade to be priced at $12.99, and that was the plan. But KDP's algorithm, a fantastic platform for authors and creators wishing to get their work out there without a massive publishing bill, ensured this was the lowest price our graphic novel could go. Despite the increase, I know you won't regret this lovely addition to your collection.

Here's the series synopsis //

An impossible creation, Adam, is thrust into a world past the brink. Our world has collapsed, and with it, humanity. Born without any knowledge of who he is or how he came to be, Adam journeys onto an unknown path with mythology and mystery at every turn. Through Titans, Devils, Gods, & Ideas, he discovers more about himself and the world. But truthfully, he's here to decide what happens next.

Welcome to Eternity.

"[Adam's] story is truly something special, and I think it's something everyone in comics needs to check out." - Wes Greer, Comics the Gathering

Okay! In further news, Vanessa Fantinati and I are working on our next one-shot, following our little comic short, Breathe. Siblings will be expected to release by the end of May! Vanessa's hard at work burning away my eyes with some fantastical pages. So here's a further preview!

Jeff Hutchison and I are also preparing to debut Rogue Comix's first digitally exclusive series, Tales of Your Destruction! Jeff's a great guy, still rocking to this day, and he and I are venturing into the apocalyptic scenery with tales about the end of the world. Some are funny, some are sad, and others are wacky and mad! But really, there're all the same. Because whether it's doom, crises, or bloody reboots, it's all the same ^%&*$#@ thing. Here's a preview of Issue #1's cover!

JJ Dzialowski, a phenomenal artist, and industry veteran of 25+ years, has been exclusively working with me on a couple of pitches. Some of you may remember "To Maggie," an 86-Page OGN we developed, and sad to say, but for now, must rest until a better time rises. However, we're working on a full-blown 175-page OGN now, which I can't spoil just yet. It's some magickal, and that's all I will say.

Okay, as usual, here's my obligatory press for my prose work:

Blackjack-22: Modern Poetry // "An emotional, visceral exploration of desire." - Kirkus Reviews

Anthology // 11 Short Stories to make you reflect on the horror of it all. Anthology is the truth. And the truth may set you free.

The Streets Ran Red // A lone detective returns to late 1960s England to solve the murder of his former employer. Little does he know, the murder's circumstances prove far sinister than ever conceived.

All are now available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, & Google Play. Or if you happened to enjoy these stories, please drop a rating or review (Amazon Author Page or on any of the listed above. They truly help get coverage, and it would sincerely mean the world.

Thus, I conclude my business. Thank you for the self-promotional time. I know what you're really here for, and it's next! Book Club, here we go!

Book Club:

  • Highwayman by Koren Shadmi // Top Shelf consistently produces some of the best graphic storytelling ever to grace the shelves, and Koren Shadmi is a shining star under their publication. In the past, and also from Shadmi, I've enjoyed Bionic and The Twilight Man. From his rich paneling, and excellently paced storyline, to the subtle world-building paired with its character development, Koren produces a remarkable stunner of an OGN. I highly recommend it for science-fiction, independent, and "immortal men" fans.

  • Batman: The Detective #1 by Andy Kubert & Tom Taylor // An old, disgruntled, and ruthlessly efficient Batman is the best batman. There's no debate here. We all know why the DKR was so successful because an older Batman takes the measures needed to ensure justice. Andy and Tom have begun a new mystery, with an aged and withered Batman, and the premiere issue has me hooked. Bravo, gents. I'm ready for round two.

  • The Silver Coin #1 by Michael Walsh & Chip Zdarsky: Walsh's talent is uncontested. His storytelling is, far and wide, exemplary. Combined with Chip's tenacious yet subtlely terrifying dialogue, The Silver Coin rocks hard! Seriously, the year has had some impressive independent comic releases. Still, this single issue really drills into the ground and plans to stay at the forefront.

  • Home #1 by Julio Anto & Anna Wieszczyk // I never looked into this book before release day and went out on a limb to check it out. I'm glad I did. When I put it down, I had no words. I was shocked. Home was not only an emotional rollercoaster but also the emergence of a hero. By exploring the bond between a mother and child, setting up a tragic yet all too true, story Julio and Anna bring you something special. This is it!

  • Secret Warriors Vol. 1-6 by Hickman, Caselli, & Vitti // Since Steranko's stint on Nick Fury, Marvel has produced the best spy-superhero fiction in comics. Secret Warriors is one of the best and remains confidently at the top of my list. Not only does Hickman brilliantly herald Nick Fury as the greatest spy to ever live, but his deeply intricate storytelling, interweaving plots, and dynamic characters feel real. Pitting the three biggest spy agencies in the Marvel universe against another is no easy feat, but Hickman and Co. produce something extraordinary with this caterpillar turned butterfly.

  • Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. Complete Collection by Warren Ellis & Stuart Immonen // Mr. Ellis, a veteran and pioneer in the comic industry, pitched Nextwave as a giant, bloody, superhero bash. The least to say, it was exactly that. Compiling 5 obscure MU characters, handing them to Mr. Immonen, and wrapping a &^%$ bow over it is exactly what you'll get. Every once in a while, we need a "fun," dumb, smash 'em up comic, which was mine this week.

  • Daredevil Complete Collection Vol. 2 by Bendis & Maleev // So, loyal readers will know, two newsletters ago, I just wrapped the first volume of Bendis & Maleev's titanic run on Daredevil. I walked away wanting more purely because the pulp fiction, crime-drama, and superhero mash were thrilling. But I felt the art lacking in Daredevil's dynamic movement. By volume two, Alex goes full-steam ahead. And yes, the infamous word bubbles by Bendis don't go away, but the action enjoys a more "action" feel. I've got one more to go, and it's looking to be like a hell of a fun time!

Thank you all for tuning into Welcome to Eternity 112 by RDII. I'll see you guys in two weeks. In the meantime, support creatives, back our Kickstarter, support my friends and me, drink coffee, smile at a stranger, and hug a friend.

Cheers & Love,


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