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Welcome to Eternity 111 by RDII // Draw. Your. PHANTOM KATANA!

Hello! Welcome back, friends, subscribers, readers, nerds, and all others. This is Welcome to Eternity 111 by RDII. This is a bi-weekly newsletter about me, Robert Deshaies II, but that doesn't matter. All really this is is a giant globbing of letters and opinions that somehow coalesce into meaningful diction.

Okay, I'll carry on. Here comes the news!

The News:

A Hell of Our Own's #Kickstarter signup is available NOW! Get notified on our launch day (4.15.21) and spread the word with friends, family, nerds, samurai fans, and indie supporters. I love you. We love you. We want to draw our blades, fight daemons in hell, and save our loved ones from the grips of death with YOU! This sounds fun and cool. I sure hope so. < Sign up now, and be informed on the day of LAUNCH!

Here's a preview of what's to come:

Adam & Eternity's Trade Paperback Collection will launch on Amazon's KDP both physically and digitally on April 15th, 2021. This collection features 150+ pages, including issues #1-4 of Rogue Comix's debut series, a cover gallery, and process pages. It's the culmination of all we worked toward in one beautiful package. And the price? $12.99 for the physical copy (7x10) & $5.99 for the digital! Thank you to all who've helped spread the word about our launch. Thank you to all my readers, fans, and supporters. Suppose you're a reviewer, YouTuber, podcaster, etc., email or direct message me to receive a preview PDF and join the brigade.

We've also been fortunate enough to receive and print a quite stellar quote from the prestigious Wes Greer (@wes_greer). He's the man breaking down the news about DC's latest releases at Comics the Gathering ( This is what he's got to say about Adam & Eternity:

"[Adam's] story is truly something special, and I think it's something everyone in comics needs to check out."

Thank you, Wes.

Next up, Vanessa Fantinati and I are hard at work on Rogue Comix's next one-shot, "Siblings." This one-shot will be a 22-page, black-and-white story detailing a brother and sister over their years. It was a deeply emotional script, and Vanessa is adding pure passion. Here's a preview of what's to arrive soon:

Finally, I've been hard at work with a couple of partners developing some pitches for respective publishers. I can't share anything at the moment, but if all goes to plan, and I know it will, you'll definitely be hearing soon.

  1. Project MAGICK w/ JJ Dzialowski

  2. Project GRIEF w/ JJ Dzialowski

  3. Project EVENT w/ David Strahan

  4. Project WESTBOUND w/ Brody Cole

Who here likes to read prose? I know I do! And if you do as well, visit the newly updated book pages on this website! Here are my little elevator pitches for you:

Blackjack-22: Modern Poetry // "An emotional, visceral exploration of desire." - Kirkus Reviews

Anthology // 11 Short Stories to make you reflect on the horror of it all. Anthology is the truth. And the truth may set you free.

The Streets Ran Red // A lone detective returns to late 1960s England to solve the murder of his former employer. Little does he know, the murder's circumstances prove far sinister than ever conceived.

All are now available on Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, & Google Play. Or if you happened to enjoy these stories, please drop a rating or review (Amazon Author Page or on any of the listed above. They truly help get coverage, and it would sincerely mean the world.

Thus, I conclude my business. Let's go to Book Club!

Book Club:

From your traditional superhero event or volume to the indie rocketing off the shelf, this is what I've been enjoying over the past two weeks.

  1. Secret War by Brian Bendis & Gabriel Dell'Otto // I found this in a discount bin, and have heard many fine compliments about it over the years, and thought, "why not?" Secret War proved an entertaining read. The character's voices were spot on, and the artwork above and beyond. If you can get your hands on a copy, or if you enjoyed Hickman's Secret Warriors, check this out.

  2. Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett // Every once in a while, you find a novel that proves to be a speedy read. Good Omens has my fingers pulling pages quicker than any other novel I've picked up in a long time. It's just damn good.

  3. Batman/Superman #16 by Gene Luan Yang & Ivan Reis // Gene and Ivan's debut on this series proved to be the standout of DC's new Infinite Frontier initiative. While exploring two different universes Batman/Superman, Gene & Co. captured the elements that make the heroes who they are across the multiverse. Plus, the story's debut instilled the fire to continue pulling this series. Hop on board now!

  4. Skyward by Joe Henderson, Lee Garbett, & Antonio Fabela // I've been curious about this series for a couple of months now, and I stumbled onto a deal I couldn't refuse for all three volumes. After reading the first chapter, I was hooked. Between Lee's phenomenal storytelling and Joe's natural dialogue/story, I can't recommend this enough for any coming-of-age sci-fi fantasy lovers. This was a definite standout read, and I highly recommend it to all.

  5. Batman/Catwoman #4 by Tom King, Clay Mann, & Tomeu Morey // This series has proven to be a massive debate for Bat/Cat fans. However, the debate seems very one-sided. Clay's art has been nothing short of phenomenal from the start. As with Tomeu's colors. Tom's writing is Tom's writing. He's a genius in crafting a long-form story, and I guarantee the payoffs will be huge. This chapter alone sparks interest in the evolved Bruce/Selina dynamic. He examines and intertwines a tale over the years, with new and repeating themes that are true yet inspiring for change. Hang in there.

  6. The Other History of the DCU #3 by John Ridley & Giuseppe Cammuncoli // This issue's spotlight on Katana was by far my favorite installment in the series. Katana's story resonated with me, and John's words combined with Giuseppe's brilliant portraits captured with every page turn. A seriously under-discussed or overlooked series?

And that wraps it for this newsletter. I'll see you guys in two weeks. Keep on chugging along. Believe in yourself because I know you can achieve whatever you want. Drink coffee. Read a book. Smile more.



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