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Welcome to Eternity 108 by RDII // THE NEXT PROJECT!!

Hello & Welcome back!

I'm sure you know this by now, but you've stumbled onto the most recent installment of Welcome to Eternity by RDII. This week we will be covering some news about the forthcoming project from Dominic Pinto & I & the trade paperback collection of Adam & Eternity.

Alright, let's get to it!


The News!

Wow, I cannot believe it's already been two weeks since the release of #AdamandEternity's final issue! Physical copies have landed both in comic shops and have been shipped out to some amazing fans. Anyway, you're probably wondering what's next?

Well, today's the day! After concluding, Adam, Dom, and I knew we had more stories to tell. Now, I came up with a story about midway through Adam, and I knew it was one with some incredible potential. I drew inspiration from some books like Sun Tzu's The Art of War, Kabuki by David Mack, Lone Wolf & Cub, but most importantly, Dante's epic poem Inferno. You may be wondering how do all these relate to one another? Well, it's simple. Dom and I wanted to tell a tale of loss: A tale set in feudal Japan, surrounded by the lovely mythology of the region, influenced by a timeless story. We're calling it "A Hell of Our Own." --

A 96-Page Original Graphic Novel

The premise? What if Dante’s Inferno met Japanese Mythology & Samurai Lore?

Now, we've only just begun the pages, but Dom is churning them our faster than I can approve! Also, he's not only inking and lettering this story, but he's taking a stab at the coloring as well. I'll show you some pages in a bit, but first off, I want you all to know this project won't be done without you.


Yes, that's right, we're headed to crowd-funding. After discussion with Dom, he and I both settled that we wanted to create one HELL of an experience for you, the reader. We wanted to create a personalized crowdfunded project where the readers would have some excellent options to choose from fun quirky options to more sensical ones such as a singular collected edition. In the next newsletter, I will have designed the campaign to its fullest and breakdown further.

We hope you'll join us for the ride, but in the meantime, to satiate your samurai thirst, here's a preview:

I know you're probably tired of hearing about it, but #AdamandEternity has just wrapped, and offers a special bundle for readers who haven't been able to pick up our debut series yet! The bundle includes all four issues (Cover As) of our story and can be found here // For fans looking to receive our stories package in full, our talented colorist, Jake Gustafson, is currently designing our sexy Trade Paperback. I will have further news next time, but until then, know we will aim for a mid-April release!

In other words, if you've been enjoying Adam & Eternity and are looking to discover more from Rogue Comix and the titles to come this year and onwards, our first artist showcase, Rogue Comix Presents: Three//Shorts is available as well at! This showcase was printed in a limited, magazine-sized, 40-copy run, and we have a little under half of the copies left on our website. It features three separate stories written by me, with Max-Demi-San, Vanessa Fantinati, & Johnnie Evans's talents! It will also be debuting on #Comixology 2.24.21 for our digital fans.

Okay, almost done!

I won't forget about my prose lovers out there! Blackjack - 22: Modern Poetry received a spectacular review from Kirkus Reviews! They're calling it "An emotional, visceral exploration of desire." My debut collection of poems is available everywhere from Amazon to Barnes & Noble, & and even your #LocalBookstore!

My other works, Anthology & The Streets Ran Red, are also available on various platforms, including Apple Books & Google Play. Here are some Amazon links if you'd to purchase today!

& that wraps the news! Next time, Tune for more Kickstarter information on "A Hell of Our Own" & more announcements about upcoming projects.

Cheers & Thank you,


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