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A Hell of Our Own


A samurai, Ren Aotishi, returns from war, only for his war crimes to come full circle. Forbidden to intervene when vengeful spirits sack his home, murder his wife, and abduct his child, Ren is forced to enter the underworld, Yomi, to reclaim his daughter, Aiko. Without the guidance of his patron gods, this samurai turned spirit ronin walks alone through the valleys of the undead to reclaim the daughter he loves. Little does he know, the gates of the underworld hold treachery far beyond his comprehension. Can Ren withstand the fight for his soul, or will his honor forsake him as he’s dragged further into hell?


Welcome to A Hell Of Our Own, a 132-Page Original Graphic Novel from the creative team of Robert Deshaies II & Dominic Pinto (Adam & Eternity). This is an epic samurai tale intertwined with the poetry of Dante's Inferno.

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