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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Robert Deshaies II

An Author of Many Mediums, A Student of the History and Philosophy of Art, and a Flourishing Teacher.

Robert Deshaies II Author Photo

Appearances are Everything

"An emotional, visceral exploration of desire."

Kirkus Reviews on Blackjack-22: Modern Poetry

Kirkus Reviews
Fulton Books

The Deshaies Poetry Disco

Coming Soon

Rocks in Desert
Nebulous Clash Poster Advetisement

Featuring the talented and far-out graphic artist

Chris Waterman (@radixrisingcreative), Robert Deshaies II and Rogue Comix are presenting you with a blockbuster 20-page plus one-shot featuring a stranded heroine against an anti-matter horde. 

Do You Want the Latest in Surreal Poetry, Riveting Short Stories, Glamourous Prose, and Cerebral Flash Fiction, or Tips on Writing Consistency?


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Blackjack-22: Modern Poetry Book Cover

"An emotional, visceral exploration of desire."

- Kirkus Reviews

The Living Death: Windows into Existence Book Cover

“Deshaies II offers his audience a dramatic conception of human existence that recalls the best themes of Existentialist literature and philosophy”

– Dr. Bryan Santin

Adam and Eternity Trade Paperback Cover

"[Adam's] story is truly something special and I think it's something everyone in comics needs to check out."

- Wes Greer, Comics the Gathering

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