Shadow on Concrete Wall

Robert Deshaies II

Author of BlackJack 22: Modern Poetry, Anthology, The Streets Ran Red,

Adam & Eternity, A Hell of Our Own,

& Siblings


RDeshaies II

Robert Deshaies II's Latest Releases

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"An emotional, visceral exploration of desire."

- Kirkus Reviews

This is who I was, to where I want to be. Dive in, and discover a story about yourself. A story you may not have known was there.

A lone detective returns to a home left long ago. But a simple murder investigation turns sideways when the red-soaked streets across England begin to consume his mind. For there are revelations when the streets ran red.

Adam and Eternity Cover 1A Recolor Lette

"[Adam's] story is truly something special and I think it's something everyone in comics needs to check out." - Wes Greer, Comics the Gathering

An impossible creation, Adam, is thrust into a world past the brink. Our world has collapsed, and with it, humanity. Born without any knowledge of who he is or how he came to be, Adam journeys into the world we've left behind. Welcome to Eternity.