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Robert Deshaies II

Author of BlackJack 22: Modern Poetry, Anthology, The Streets Ran Red, and Adam & Eternity

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Tea Leaves

When I began writing not too long, this is the idea that flourished into who I  was versus who I am. It's where I want to be, to where I was.  It's the how I'll get there that inspired me. This is a journey wrapped in beautiful words, but forget about that for a moment. Pick your card, and pull two aces...

You're only at the beginning.


Horror has always meant more than the shadow peering at you through the darkness.  It's more than the crimson fluid splattered across the sable knife. It's the essence of the truth. It's the terrifying fact that we lie about who we are, and when we're confronted with the brutal realization... 

Well, open up to find out. 

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Mythology & Identity.

These are my foundations.

Eternity is long, but there's a recurring theme. Every character I've ever read, or written about tries to find themselves through a journey. This is Adam's journey along that path. It's filled with ideas, symbolism, inspiration, and illustrations to pair. Join me, and cross the path into fantasy.

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